Saturday, February 11, 2006

David Ogletree - SEO Advice and Internet News » Google has lost it’s edge

I found this comment via Amr's blog

Google has lost it’s edge: "The people investing in Google have no idea what the company really does or is capable of. It is the 90’s all over again. It will be ugly when it all falls down. They are spending tons of money on all kinds of projects and they have no idea if those projects will generate revenue. Everything they make they offer for free. When has that ever been a successful business model? They will always be known for search and will always be the most searched website but that is a company with one product. They give things away for free and put advertising on it. That is all they do."

I second the thoughts of David in saying that Google stock holders really don't know what they are investing in. People are preparing themselves for another depression.

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