Sunday, February 12, 2006

Gmail for your domain: Give Google All Your Company Secrets

Google is aparently testing a new Gmail for business since they couldn't think of a better and legal way to "spy" on your business secrets.

So if you haven't applied for their beta test yet, go and apply now so they can drive you quickly out of your own business at no cost to you.

And then people wonder how and why Google enters all these crazy industries.

Here's a comment I posted on Amr's blog:

Mr X,
People don't hate Google because they were denied jobs (Heck I created my resume for them and decided not to send it).

People hate Google because like others I believe that if there was one word to describe Google, it would be "parasite."

My five years of experience dealing with Google tells me that dealing with Google in any capacity is basically equal to shooting yourself in the foot. I would rather get a straight bullet rather than be left off dying over the years.

Look at the services Google provides:

1. Google Analytics: so we can spy on your traffic, referrals, surfing habits and eventually take over your market.
2. Google Mail: so we can know everything there is to know about your email usage patterns, including the conversation and chat history.
3. Google Mail for business: so we can get to know all your business secrets and eventually drive you off your own business.
4. Google Adsense: so we can give you a bait and then make your web site vanish from the SERPs.
5. Google Toolbar: so we can spy on you from the moment you open your web browser.

If you still don't get it, wait, and like others your eyes will be opened.

I mean come on. My worst decision in the last five years was to trust this company. All I got in return was regret.


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