Sunday, February 12, 2006

No barrier to Google's low

It feels so good when industry professionals share the same thoughts. Amr, my second favorite blogger at Yahoo! (after Jeremy) writes in a post titled "How low can Google go":
Google is now testing longer abstracts for the ads above the web results, these abstracts go as long as 200 characters (2 to 4 lines on some screens). This is opposite to what Yahoo is doing, in mid January Yahoo moved towards shorter abstracts. The only reason to do longer abstracts for ads is to make more money by pushing the good web results further below the fold. The first time I heard about these longer abstract tests, I said to my self Google must be doing this for the adsense network, and then I was blown away to see them actually testing them on the main Google SERP."

Then Amr goes on to say:

It seems that Google ran out of innovations for the algorithms matching ads to queries, so now the main way to create more growth is to change their SERP.

Google literally destroyed a web site of mine after I made $67K in a year with them, without providing any reason. I wrote again and again to them but they kept sending me templated replies. They treated me worse than any company I have ever dealt with. Google put a scraper site and a cybersquatter at number one and two position for my company name. No problem Google, I took my business to Yahoo!. Since then Google has sent me three invitations to participate in their various programs but guess what? My eyes are open now. I am never going to trust Google again.

Google, I am sorry to say this but you disgust me.


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