Thursday, November 03, 2005

GGG - Google's googole greed?

Here is an excerpt of a comment from me that I made on a forum:
IMO, one main factor in the demise of Enron was greed. Unfortunately, today we are getting the same message from Google.

I read a story in my childhood about a monkey who happens to break into a house and finds a jar with a narrow opening, full of almonds. The monkey successfully slides his hand in the narrow opening of the jar and instead of grabbing a couple of almonds, the monkey tries to grab as many almonds as he can. The result: His hand gets stuck and he cannot get his hand out of the jar. The monkey will not let go of the almonds and keeps trying unsuccessfully to get his hand out of the jar without loosing any almonds. The owner of the jar comes and catches the monkey red handed.

IMO, Google is acting like the monkey. Eager to "hijack" clicks that would have otherwise gone to legitimate publishers without any advertising cost.
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