Friday, February 03, 2006

It's not Yahoo's goal to be No. 1 in Internet search???

The comments of Yahoo's CFO, Susan Decker, caused the blood to boil in me, and I am just a passionate Yahoo! fan with a blogspot blog (No crime in doing that, right?).

In case you missed the comments, Susan Decker said:

"It's not our goal to be No. 1 in Internet search. We would be very happy to maintain our market share"

I was wondering what would have been the reaction at Yahoo!, a company that is very conversative in making public statements, especially like this one.

Today, things are getting a lot clearer:

Are you kidding? Say the VPs of Yahoo! Engineering and Products, Search.
Yahoo! CFO blasted by Yahoo! Search Executives
Yahoo! responds on Digg
Yahoo! gives up quest for search dominance: Seattle
Yahoo! happy with it's share: Search Engine Lowdown

My comment on Yahoo! Blog (I couldn't post it since I kept getting objectionable content error or 500 Internal server error)

I was just appalled at Susan's comments and as I said on my blog, I am just a passionate Yahoo! fan who converted from Google after being a passionate Google lover ever since Google started. Today, my believe in Yahoo! is much stronger. Yahoo! is thinking where none of it's rivals are. It is the company of the future. Yahoo's innovations are second to none.

It really hurts the passionate fans, and the management alike when words are said that are contrary to what Yahoo's goal is.

Go Yahoo! Your fans are with you!
Frank Mash
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