Friday, February 10, 2006

Search engines will do any thing to please the Chinese Government: Yahoo Writer Jailed in China | RED HERRING

RED HERRING | Yahoo Writer Jailed in China: "Internet portal Yahoo provided information about another of its members to the Chinese government, leading to the second such arrest uncovered in recent months, a journalist rights group charged on Thursday.

Reporters Without Borders said Li Zhi, a Yahoo customer and “cyberdissident,” received an eight-year prison sentence in December 2003 based on electronic records supplied by Yahoo.

The group claims 49 cyberdissidents and 32 journalists are currently in prison in China for posting articles and criticism of the authorities on the Internet. It believes that the identities of many of these people were revealed by companies like Yahoo."

This is a sad, sad day for search engines who will do just about anything to please Chinese government. Where are your morals Yahoo and Google? Where are your ethics? Dead?

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