Thursday, November 10, 2005

Google Update 11/10

I was browsing a newsgroup and found some interesting posts about Google updates. Something seems to have changed in the SERPS 11/10/05. This is one incarnation of the by now infamous Jagger update, and more sites have taken an unexpected hit.

Matt Weir writes, "We ranked consistently at #5 or #6 for years and our company is the third largest in our market space. Now we are gone." He goes on to add that the changes seem to have taken place overnight, "We were in Google on Wednesday 11/9 and on Thursday 11/10 we are gone."

"arunra..." writes, "My website had brilliant natural first page listings with Google and now everything seems to have gone mad! My links can now be found on page 4 or later. Also, I have found that the shopping pages of the site are being 'scorned' - any ideas? Has anyone faced similar probs in the past few days. Google accounts for 90% of our revenue and this situation is clearly very distressing."

Online shopping sites are being hit hard at this critical time. One can hope that small online retail businesses survive this shopping season.

View the newsgroup.

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