Friday, November 18, 2005

Smart Google ... or are they? -- Online dating companies sued

Google Ireland: Turnover: €359 million - Proft: €2.74 million is reporting about Google Ireland making revenues of €359 million but only making a net profit of €2.74 million after tax. From the article:
An effect of the arrangement is that Google Ireland, the operating company, made an after-tax profit of only €2.74 million on a turnover of €603 million. It had operating expenses of €359 million which are understood to include the royalty payments to the other Irish company. Google Ireland paid Irish corporation tax of €1.6 million.

Having studied auditing in college, I would for sure love to look at the financial reports of Google Ireland. I tried searching, but so far no luck (benefit of moving to Ireland?). As I locate the original statements I will talk more.

Yahoo! Personals service and are being sued in two separate lawsuits by online daters. According to this and this report, both lawsuits claim false profiles created by companies. is also being accused of misleading their customers base.

A lawyer representing Los Angeles law firm Arias, Ozzello & Gignac LLP, which brought the suit against, said in a statement:

"This is a grossly fraudulent practice that is engaged in"
and that "promotes the policies of integrity to protect members, and yet they themselves, we allege, are misleading their entire customer base."

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