Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Google Caves to China Communists - Censors Results

Google, like Yahoo and MSN before them, has caved in to Communist China's demands to censor search results on their Chinese search engine.

The move is seen as a gross mockery of the freedom of speech the Internet allows, and organizations like Reporters Without Borders see it as a way for the communist government to exert unfounded control over the Internet.

"When a search engine collaborates with the government like this, it makes it much easier for the Chinese government to control what is being said on the Internet," said Julien Pain, head of the group's Internet desk.

So what type of search results will Google be censoring for China's internet searchers? Google has agreed to censor searches for subjects like [human rights], [Tibet], [democracy], [Taiwan independence] and the like.

I can somewhat understand censoring porn, or things that are illegal. Maybe. But censoring topics that are considered "subversive" to your government's reign of control, in an vain attempt to control the Chinese people's thoughts and feelings, well that's just evil.

Google really should drop their "Do no evil" slogan because that's all they've been doing since they went public.

I am sorry that the Chinese people continue to be oppressed by their government and now have all major search engines aiding in that oppression. Shame on you all.

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